Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Bend Over–A Test of Submission and Will

bendoverI addressed my thoughts on spanking positions a couple of weeks ago, so I won’t reiterate any of that. When J spanks me she seems to either have me lay down with a pillow underneath me, or bent over a low chair so that both my hands and feet touch the floor. She has yet to experiment with other positions, and given that these seem to be working for her then I don’t really expect that to really change – which I will admit from a curiosity perspective is a bit of a shame.

However, there is one position that has been on my mind lately, and came about mainly because I found that I had become a little more flexible since exercising over the last month. That being bent over with ones legs spread apart, and ones hands resting on the floor in front of you for support. Basically a modified version of the classic bend over and touch your toes position, because while I’m more flexible, I’m not that flexible! Anyway, what really peaks my curiosity is not the actual position itself, but more the willpower and resolve to maintain that position when ones butt is being roasted.

I’ve seen that subject crop up on a number of blogs, and it’s one that really seems to pique my interest, because I know that I’m one of those people that really wants to take a severe spanking, but has low willpower and resolve when it actually comes down to it. As such, I don’t know why I would even be remotely curious to experience that position with that in mind, because I don’t think it would end very well for me. The scenario of being told to keep position otherwise extra strokes/swats will be administered, or worse the spanking will start all over again sends both tingles down my spine, and simultaneously induces a sense of dread and fear. Yet I still feel the desire to experience and submit to it, which I don’t understand given all of the above!

As to whether the position is better suited to a particular implement I can’t say, although I think it would favor something like the cane, because there is a pause between strokes that allows for one to recompose ones self making it easier to maintain position; however, being paddled in that position could be truly agonizing, especially if penalty swats are given for breaking position.

The position is certainly very flexible in terms of location, because it can be adopted almost anywhere on the spot. The positions that J uses now requires us to be in specific locations, which hasn’t been that much of a problem to date, but one never knows when a backup position could come in handy!


  1. Bending over as you suggest you would like to try will definitely be MORE painful for you because you are stretching your skin tight, bringing your nerves closer to the surface, exposing them more readily to the implement involved. I wouldn't recommend that a paddling be done that way; your tailbone becomes a lot more vulnerable to being struck. Also stretching like this could involve more muscle damage than just skin and fat being involved.

    Just be careful what you wish for and THINK you want/need!Also the cane is no "picnic," if given with any fervor!


  2. Interesting thought...I tried the position but I'm obviously not flexible enough! It pulls the back of my leg muscles (lol). And I think I'd buckle at the knees after a few strokes. I was once told by a pro-domme that it's important for the submissive to be in a comfortable position. That way he/she feels safe and can focus his/her mind 100% on the pain of the punishment. But good luck with trying it!

  3. We tried the position today, and to say the least it's very effective. I struggle to maintain the position when J administers a spanking, but her authoritative tone to stay in position helps somewhat.