Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Painful Reminder (Sort Of)

opendoorWell it was a good run, because it was three weeks ago today when I got my last punishment spanking; however, J ended that run this morning, but not for the reason I thought she would, which took me a little by surprise.

Based on what she said in reference to my last post, I know she felt conflicted about giving me a spanking for confessing. In her mind, and I can only guess here, she felt that confessing a behavior didn’t deserve a punishment; however, at the same time, she also didn’t want me feeling that I got away with it – got to love those nasty moral catch 22’s. Anyway, given that no spanking has materialized as a result of that confession (at least not yet), then I guess I caught a lucky break on that one. I’m certainly in no position to say one way or the other if she made the right choice, because all DD related issues are hers to call and justify – besides, my butt is hesitant to write a check it doesn’t really want to cash!

So, if I didn’t get spanked for that, then what did I get spanked for? Well J and I have been experimenting more with me being a little more subservient to her. As such, she has decided that she wants me to become more of a gentleman, which means, among other things, opening doors for her, etc. I did fine over the weekend, but it just completely slipped my mind today, because not once did I open the car door for her. A trivial thing to some, but important enough for J to decide that I needed a quick reminder to not do it again. Which to some degree I find slightly ironic, because I confessed to ogling and drooling over other women, yet I get spanked for not opening a car door. Granted, it was a very quick reminder, and I think my cries of pain and apology, and pleading that I wouldn’t let it happen again possibly reduced my sentence somewhat – I think she’s still a bit of a lenient softy when I make that amount of fuss (yeah I’m a bit of a wimp when it comes to  a spanking, but it hurts!).

I didn’t want to get up this morning at all, and I seemed to ache all over, so to some extent being dragged out of bed at 6:30am didn’t put me in the best of moods. I wasn’t mad at anybody, but I just felt off, and to some degree very lethargic. That feeling pretty much hung over me all morning, and was probably one of the main reasons why I just didn’t even think about opening the car door for J today. I also wimped out of going swimming, which I probably shouldn’t have done either. In short, I was focused more on how I felt, than how she was feeling, or more importantly what she wanted from me. So in that regard, I think she was spot on with calling me out and giving me a sharp reminder – even if it was tempered by my pitiful noise.

Anyway, even though it wasn’t a very serious spanking – yeah it hurt, but it was fairly quick thank God – I noticed something else which took me a little by surprise. For some strange reason it seemed to snap me out of my funk (love that word, been waiting to use it for a while now), and to some degree it re-centered me. Now, I’ve read about that before in other blogs, but I didn’t really understand how a spanking could do that – after all it hurts, so how could that help you feel better! However, it did just that for me, and I can’t explain it, but she literally spanked me into a better mood, which put a smile onto my face (well, after she had finished anyways).

I can’t finish this post without saying how proud and impressed I am with J. She called me out when I didn’t even expect it, which is something new for her. She’s still learning, but is picking things up pretty fast. I don’t think she will ever lose the warm emotional empathy that she has, and my butt will probably fare better for that. She’s also getting a lot better at telling me what she wants and expects, instead of asking.


  1. Just MY observation: I think that you FEEL better because of two things--emotion and body chemistry. Emotionally, you got the attention from your wife that you needed; physically, little things happened to your bloodstream, such as the infusion of two drugs--adrenalin and dopamine!!

    Of course, you FEEL better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Nothing like a little beating to improve your overall well-being!! LOL!!

    Loving your blog,


  2. From what I can gather there is also more going on than just dopamine and adrenaline being released, and the whole body chemistry thing is something that I plan on investigating further.

    Need to tread careful here though, if J gets it in her head that she can spank me into a better mood that could end badly for my butt! Starting to learn that if you prod that wasp nest too much they come get ya!