Saturday, August 27, 2011

Wall Flower? Nope, a Steel Magnolia!!

steelIt’s been a fairly quite week around here, and I’m approaching the three week mark since my last punishment spanking. How long that streak will continue I have no idea, but the longer the better, because I know J is firmly committed to ensuring that she is heard when she administers a spanking these days. So until she deems it necessary to remind me to be a good boy, I’ll be trying my hardest to do what she expects of me in all areas.

An interesting development does seem to be in the works though, and one that ties in quite closely to the DD side of our relationship. Over the past week or so J and I have been discussing how she might increase her control over me, and based on today it seems that J has seen the light and is warming to the idea more and more.

J has always been put off of the dominant female role, because of the established clichés that surround the femdom culture. Whenever she thinks about being a more dominant type of female her mind immediately conjures up the femdom model, and that’s just not her. This past week J may have had some kind of breakthrough, because she has decided to shrug off that cliché and create her own vision of what she thinks a strong powerful dominant woman should be like. As she puts it, she’s decided to take on the role of a polite Mistress, and being polite doesn’t mean that she will be any less demanding, authoritative, or strict; however, she see’s herself as a Steel Magnolia, and for anybody that’s not from the South, you’ll just have to look that up for yourself!

So what does that all mean, well from my perspective it means that J will most likely take more control over me, such that she will be directing more of my time and energy around tasks that please her. She wants my focus to be fixed upon her, and not on myself. I will be at her command anytime she desires, which could mean that I do something as trivial as fetch her a drink, or open a car door for her, to something more time consuming such as giving her a pedicure. More importantly, I’m to do whatever she commands when she commands it, not when it’s convenient for me.

As strange as it may seem, it’s a welcome move as far as I’m concerned, and I’ll be interested to see how this runs its course over the next couple of weeks. If today was anything to go by, it looks like she really enjoying her new role, and the benefits that are coming naturally from it.


  1. He is right in saying it is a breakthrough for me. I have always seen the dominant woman in my head as Lady Heather on CSI...the typical stereotypical whips and chains kind of thing. That is not my style at ALL. However..after thinking about it a lot this week, I do want to create my own thing. Whether I like it or not I am a product of the American South. A debutante born and bred. Saying "yes, ma'am and no sir, please and thank you" comes out of my mouth without a second thought. Taken comes from a different background and being a Southern gentleman is *not* something he learned growing I think its up to me to teach him ;D All those things that a true Southern gentleman does for a lady is out of respect for her. The feminists have got it all isn't meant to demean or insinuate that ladies are weak and can't do for themselves...quite the contrary LOL As Taken said..we are steel magnolias. So the gentlemen are just paying tribute to that strength.

    We will see where this goes..I certainly like this turn of events so far. :D

  2. @Mrs. J--You need to be PROUD of your Southern heritage!! God bless Robert E. Lee and the culture that he fought for!!


  3. Have no fear Bob, she is very proud, and is intent on making me equally proud to be associated with the South.