Friday, August 26, 2011

Settling Into DD

Not a whole lot to report on the DD front really, because nothing has really happened of any great significance. To some degree the novelty has just melded itself into the reality of our daily lives – by that I mean that the DD is hanging over my head 24/7 as it should, and it’s just there, sitting, lurking, and waiting. Meanwhile, my behavior is responding to that threat in a positive manner, so punishments are not being administered.

As to whether J is being too lenient or slipping up on certain things, well that’s not for me to say or judge. All I know is that whatever I’m doing obviously isn’t enough to warrant me getting a spanking, and I’m good with that! Also, J has been a bit under the weather that last couple of days, but is feeling better now, not that I think it makes that much difference.

I still don’t think we fit into any pre-conceived box, and nor do I think we ever will. Based on J’s personality, I know that a full blown FLR just isn’t going to happen, and I’m fine with that – in fact we’re both fine with that. DD was originally introduced into our relationship to act as a deterrent, and a real painful consequence, for the majority of my unpleasant behaviors and immaturity. Plain and simple, that’s really the crux of it for us. As a side benefit, it’s made me feel more emotionally connected to J, and vice-versa; consequently, that has invariably led to experimenting with other FLR type activities that really aren’t a part of the DD regime that we have in place, but could easily be categorized within the FLR category – for example, giving J a manicure, pedicure, massaging her feet, etc..

I have expressed an interest in her having more control in certain areas, and it’s something that she’s toying with right now. As to whether anything materializes from that experimentation is another story, but I remain hopeful.

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  1. Don't worry! Be happy!! Just become the couple that you WANT to be!!!