Thursday, August 4, 2011

Lenient Love, But Well Spanked!

SpankedIt comes as no sunrise that I sit here with a well spanked, bruised, and very sore behind. Even though J still took pity on my poor bruised butt, as was more lenient than she probably should have been, she still made sure both cheeks would carry a very solid reminder of what awaits me if I make her time at the beach anything other than enjoyable. I managed to escape with fifteen strokes from each implement, those bring the paddle, cane, and belt.

The belt was a new experience, and J got in some real good strokes with that one; however, she needs more practice, and it appears that more than anything position is key for accurate and reliable delivery. Something that we will be addressing on the next usage no doubt. There also seems to be little leeway on delivery, it either lands correctly and really really hurts, or it misses, or lands incorrectly and leaves little impression. With more practice I can tell that it could potentially be close to being on equal footing with the paddle in terms of pain delivered; furthermore, with some practice, I think J could get a very fast and accurate momentum going with the belt, which at that point could surpass the paddle as the most severe implement J has available to her.

Anyway, keeping this one short. Heading to the beach tomorrow, with my best behavior packed and ready! J will have her hairbrush on hand, so I'm not entirely safe for the trip duration. The way my butt feels right now, I want no part of any spanking for at least a week if I can help it!

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