Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Quick Temper + Disrespect = Sore Butt!

RoadRageWell we made it back from the beach, and on the whole the long weekend turned out to be a pretty good getaway for us.

The pre-beach spanking that I received kept me in line, right up until the point when we headed home. Suffice to say, I managed to loose my temper while driving back, because I basically didn’t know where I was going and we missed a couple of turns which caused us to backtrack. During that thirty or so minute period I could feel the pressure just building and building, then sure enough I exploded; unfortunately, J got cussed and shouted at, which was both rude and extremely disrespectful, not to mention unnecessary. At that point I was ordered to pull over and relinquish the steering wheel over to J, and I immediately realized my blunder and knew that I had crossed the line – like duh, no kidding Sherlock!

So, here I now sit, once again with a moderately bruised and sore butt; however, I knew that I deserved it, and J made no qualms about making sure I got what was coming to me. The only slight leniency that came my way was a result of the apology that I made soon after exploding on her. I think that’s one of the first times that I’ve actually taken responsibility for my actions in a situation like that, and even though my butt hurts right now, it makes me appreciate how beneficial DD is proving to be within our relationship.

In the past she would have been given the silent treatment, and even now there would possibly be some ill will festering between us. Instead I was able to realize that my butt was going to get spanked, which naturally led to an apology. The real cool thing, at least for me, was that after admitting that the behavior was my fault, taking responsibility for it, and realizing that a spanking was most certainly coming my way, it made me start thinking how lucky I am to have such an amazing wife. I have so much more respect for her as my wife, and admire the strength that she demonstrates by taking me in hand so that she no longer has to suffer with my crap. It just makes me love her even more with everyday that passes. My butt might think I’m an idiot for submitting to her discipline, but my brain can see the bigger picture for what it really is!

I’m also extremely impressed at how fast her spanking technique has improved, and I know without a doubt that when I’m ordered to assume the position that my butt is heading for a pretty mean roasting. I still think she is still harboring a little too much leniency, and to some extent may still be gauging severity on my cries of pain. Although, she is blocking that out more than she was a week or two ago, but I still think there is possibly some empathy or sympathy at play when she delivers the much needed discipline. On saying that, it may well be that I’ve yet to do anything that she considers to merit a really lengthy and very severe spanking. Quite honestly, I’m dreading that day, and I’m not sure I know what it would take, but I also don’t really want to find out.

J did say that she was going to sit down and formalize her punishments in the very near future, meaning that she will write down how many strokes or what time limit certain behaviors will incur. I don’t know if she will also specify specific implements, so I will just have to wait with baited breath and see what transpires. Personally, I think it’s a great idea, and it will give me a better frame of reference of where her head is at in terms of severity vs. specific behaviors. The other benefit that I can see to such a formal list, is that it could very easily remove any form of sympathy / empathy from the punishment on her side.

CanedOn a side note, I’m also starting to wonder if the cane that we have isn’t of the right thickness. It certainly stings, but it doesn’t seem to leave the marks that it probably should from a discipline perspective. The picture to the right shows an example of the kind of marks that I would really expect from a punishment caning. It could be that J isn’t using enough force, but I’m more inclined to think it’s the thickness of the cane that’s at fault here, or even that it’s possibly too short. I know the thicker the cane, the more likely it is to bruise, and the longer it is the harder it hits. Yes J will probably think that I’m insane for bringing this up, but the marks and end result play a huge role in our DD dynamic, because what’s left after the punishment acts as a constant reminder about the behavior that I was punished for. We’re not talking about erotic spankings here, so the whole point is that they should be as effective and painful as possible – including the after effects. Furthermore, the more effective and painful that they are, the more effective the deterrent. Receiving a caning that left marks like those in the picture, would most definitely induce a healthy respect and fear of ever wanting to be caned to that degree again. I know it would certainly get my attention!

Anyway, I’ve probably spent more time than I should have writing this blog entry, and the last thing I need is another reminder from J that I should be more productive – especially now that she seems to be very enamored with having a well behaved husband whose being kept in line by her hand. Just writing that gave my stomach butterflies – J, I love you so much!

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