Thursday, August 11, 2011

Public Spanking

This little gem of a thought has been buzzing around my head since we went to the beach last week, because I made a point of reminding J that, even though we were away from home, she would still have her hairbrush with her. If I became unruly she could always drive me to a desolated spot and make an on the spot attitude adjustment, luckily that didn’t happen.

To be honest, the thought of being driven to a desolate place and being spanked is quite a turn on, but it would have to be desolate, or at least somewhere where there was little to no chance of being discovered. Part of the thrill to some extent is obviously from that slight degree of risk, but the overall concept of being spanked on the bare ass while out in the great outdoors is just really appealing to me. Thoughts of heading to an out of the way country spot, setting up a nice picnic, having the sun shine down on us, a slight breeze blowing, the sound of a river flowing in the background, and exposing my cheeks for J’s attention just gives me goose bumps. It would certainly make picnics a lot more enticing! I’m not a natural exhibitionist, and I would be mortified if J were pull me over her knee and spank me at a shopping mall, for example; however, that type of scenario really stirs my loins, meaning it would fall more into the erotic category than punishment. Although, if she carried her brush with her while we were out, there would be nothing stopping her from finding a remote spot to deal with me there and then.

On a more discreet note, public displays of affection (PDA’s) is also something that I find fairly arousing. J will frequently give my butt a light slap in the grocery store if I’m hunched over the shopping cart, and I love that. To some degree I wish she would give me a harder smack, but I think that would cause her too much embarrassment. I also seem to be responsive to J’s nails these days, and it drives me wild when she scratches me with them. That’s also something that I would love to feel more of while we’re in public, and it’s something that can be done fairly discreetly.

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