Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Choices, Choices…


Wow, that picture contains a lot of implements, and thank God it’s not J’s collection – although a small part of me thinks that could be secretly cool, in a scary kind of way!

The picture, which I came across when searching for a picture for one of my other blog entries, got me thinking about implements, and which ones that I prefer / hate. The voices are screaming at me that this is a stupid post to make, because I know J will read it, and it gives her information that she doesn’t need to be know – especially when a severe spanking is being dished out. Unfortunately, the other side of my brain thinks it’s information that J should be aware of, because it will make her more effective as my loving disciplinarian wife.

This may also be premature, because J (presently) only has a choice of five implements:

  • Paddle
  • Cane
  • Crop
  • Belt
  • Hairbrush

Given that she has yet to even use the belt or hairbrush on me, I cannot say with any certainty where they fall in the line up; however, I have a feeling that the belt has the potential to be the most painful and most effective. Only time will tell on that one. Same goes with the hairbrush, J hasn’t had the cause or the opportunity to use that yet, but I think given the smaller surface area on the business end it could end up pretty high on the list.

The remaining three have been applied in the last week or so. The paddle is pretty mean, and again has the potential to be very severe in its application once J gets more comfortable with it. When applied with more force it will definitely leave deep bruises, and it hurts like hell – even more so if J gets comfortable enough to get a momentum going. Something that I think she has yet to do fully, but I’m pretty sure it’s coming. At present, this is my least favorite implement, mainly because if J gets a momentum going, and unleashes a flurry of swats with little to no pause, it hurts like nothing I can even begin to describe. It’s definitely an effective punishment implement.

The cane, to some degree, is my favorite right now, because there is usually a pause between strokes. Also, based on J’s technique, it’s currently the one that is guaranteed to leave marks and bruises that last a couple of days. Which for me is desirable, because I then get to feel it for a couple of days after, and it reminds me to behave. On the other side, it can also rank up there with the paddle, because the cutting strokes are also really painful and a lot more concentrated than those of the paddle. So, really the cane is a weird one for me, I like it and hate it at the same time. It’s still a very effective implement in J’s hands, and I’m not sure if she’s using full force or not right now.

The crop pretty much falls into the same category as the cane, because it inflicts the same feelings and effects.

It will be interesting to see how J progresses over the coming months. I have a nervous excited anticipation for an experience with the belt, but I’m sure that will change the moment J lands the first stroke. Not sure I want any part of the hairbrush!

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