Friday, August 19, 2011

Change and Evolution is Good

ChangeBob (senorose4) made some comments over the past week or two, and they were beneficial for two reasons. First, it emphasized to me that this blog can only provide a very narrow view of my relationship with J, and second, it made me go back and re-read some of my earlier posts.

Going back and re-reading the posts was beneficial, because it reiterated how much J and I have progressed and changed in just one short month. I don’t think this blog has been the most exciting read for anybody, especially those that prefer to read about spanking encounters, because I don’t seem to be getting as many punishment spankings as I thought I would. This isn’t due to J being soft, or overly lenient, but more due to the fact that I finally have a very real and painful consequence hanging over my head all of the time; consequently, I’ve stepped up on my behavior, and as a result I feel that I’m growing as a person – more importantly, I think it’s made me realize how immature I was being. Net result being that I’m finally being a better husband, because I really don’t want my butt paddled and caned – which means that the deterrent is working!

Having said all of that, I do feel a little bit guilty for not having any punishment encounters to write about. To some extent it almost feels as though I’m luring people interested in DD/FLR/spanking to the blog, but I’m not delivering anything of any interest for them to read. Granted, I’m not going to brat to get a spanking just to satisfy y’all – sorry, but it hurts – so I guess I will just have to start writing about content that relates to those areas, at least while we wait for me to slip up (and trust me, it’s inevitable that I will). J has yet to make any noise about maintenance spankings, and we haven’t really talked about those in any detail, but I’m sure she’ll dish one out when she feels that my behavior is starting to slip, or when she thinks one is overdue.

I’m sure a lot of other bloggers go through similar feelings, but I originally wrote this blog to help J and I communicate about all of this DD stuff; however, now that I see that a few people are following, I feel compelled to provide them with some content that is interesting for them to read. So to some degree, this blog is also growing and evolving, just as my marriage to J is.

Anyway, for those that are still reading, thank you, and I’ll try and write about more spanking related topics and questions to keep y’all entertained.


  1. Taken In Hand - I think your blog is very well focused right now. You mention that it only provides a narrow view of your relationship but it is a very specific view, the DD aspect. Your target audience is J and that is surely appropriate, the rest of us are just voyeurs.

    As far as writing descriptive posts about your sessions, it is a delicate balance. I find myself writing a bit too much about sessions. I think the trick is to find a balance between the mental, emotional and physical aspects of the relationship.

    Check out Bonnie's site(My Bottom Smarts) she has a post that lists many helpful suggestions for blogging.

    I am enjoying reading about your developing DD relationship. BTW thanks for adding me to your blog roll.


  2. Thank you (patting myself on the back)! I'm glad that I could be "helpful." lol!!

    Enjoying your blog!! Keep up the good work! It would be good also if you emphasize the relationship building that you and your wife are having.


  3. Keep it as it is. There are plenty of 'how I got spanked' stuff out there, but not so much from men actually talking about their process and feelings. Makes your blog much more useful. You could be a bit briefer if you like, as it is a heck of a lot to read to get the point, and time is always limited when reading stuff we don't actually need to read, but it's very good.

    And definately do not start acting up to get J to spank you so as to have something new to say!

  4. LOL, trust me, acting up to get a spanking is NOT going to happen. She has gotten way to good, way too fast, at delivering a spanking that I'm not too keen on getting!

    I know my posts are long, and I know people hate being confronted by a wall of text, but in most cases I'm not writing with a specific point in mind. This blog was meant as a form of journal/diary of this whole experience, so my style of writing here is such that I tend to put out what's on my mind at the time. Unfortunately, that seems to lead to longer posts, and I wasn't really anticipating such a big audience. However, I hear what you're saying - thanks for the comment Scally, look forward to seeing more posts from you and your wife on your blog, cough, hint, cough! :)

  5. Thanks for the hint, but we've said everything we want to say, so only post when we have something new to add or learn something new about the lifestyle.

    Feel free to ask questions though if you want to. Only best to do it on our blog otherwise we will miss it.