Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Timed vs. Stroke Count vs. No Limits

09_jpgLast weeks motivation spanking, while it really hurt while it was being dished out, probably wasn't as effective as J had hoped. To some extent I would probably have to agree, more so because there was little to no bruising left as a reminder on the days that followed. Also, following my post from yesterday about offensive language, I'm starting to wonder if punishment spankings would be better suited to a more structured approach. By that I'm refering to them being set for a set number of strokes, or set against a preset time limit, as opposed to being freely open like they currently have been.

There are a couple of reasons why I think this should be considered, and note that I say considered, because once again this is really up to J to decide on what she thinks is best.

One of the benefits is that it removes that need for J to have to make a judgement call on when enough is enough, which I think is something that she us struggling with right now.

Another is that it would allow J to allot set times, or the amount of strokes, for each category of offense. Say for example I hadn't exercised that week, and to J that was a very serious offense on her list, then she could then say that added 5 minutes onto my motivation spanking clock with what she deemed to be the most severe of all her implements. Failing to cut the grass might be a more mild annoyance where she is concerned, so she might judge that to be worth 45 seconds with a less severe implement, or even a set number of strokes.

The downside is that it initially requires J to set predetermined times/strokes for the offenses that we’ve agreed upon. Although I guess there would be nothing from stopping her to decide on the fly. This also then allows for repeat offenses, like not cutting the grass, to steadily keep increasing in duration/stroke count each week until the task is actually completed like she originally asked. There's also probably no reason why she couldn't continually adjust her estimates as well - for example, if after the first week she felt that 5 minutes with the paddle wasn't close to being sufficient for not exercising, then she could decide that it needs to be adjusted up to 6 minutes, etc.

Another possible drawback is that this type of system will probably require her to take some form of note, so as to provide her with a reminder of strokes or times for each type of offense - which again implies some extra work on J's part, and might need continual editing should repeat offenses occur that mean an increase in the following week. Not that I think it would be that big of a deal really.

For really serious infractions, ones where I've pushed so many of her buttons that she is about to explode, then the open time format still has it’s place, because then she can then punish me for as long as she feels necessary, or until my ass finally turns the shade of black and blue that she feels is appropriate under the circumstances.

This raises the interesting question, which is better, timed, stroke counted, or no limit spankings? To some extent, for me personally, stroke counted is the most desirable, because mentally I'm dealing with a known factor. For J, I think counted would make her job easier, especially where minor infractions are concerned – such as the offensive language, and minor chores not being completed on time, etc. Timed, I'm not sure, because 5 minutes can seem like an eternity when your butt is being paddled, caned, or belted; furthermore, you could end up getting 20 strokes, or 100 strokes, because it is heavily dependant upon J's momentum. To that end, timed spankings are definitely more torturous on a mental level, but can in some cases offer that hope of not getting as many as you would had you been subjected to a count based spanking. Although I highly doubt the J would allow that to be the case. No limit spanking has to be the worst, for obvious reasons; however, if she's that pissed off at me to feel the need to apply one of those to my butt, then chances are that I did something very bad. So, to some degree that level of severity is probably warranted. Also, I would rather get a really severe spanking, and then be able to apologise sincerely so that we can then put it behind us and move on - as opposed to us being pissed off with each other for a couple of days.

Anyway, those are my initial thoughts on this topic. What J decides to do is entirely down to her, and I trust her judgment implicitly. I also appreciate that if she does pick up any of these suggestions, then there might also be a period where timings, or counts need to be adjusted to ensure the correct balance and intended severity.

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  1. I'm NOT in favor of counting the strokes or timing. I think that your reaction to the discipline at the time is what matters!! No one will react to a beating the same way every time! Our tolerances change periodically!

    Also you should never allow her to discipline you when she is "PISSED OFF"--unless you don't want to LIVE the next day to tell about it!! (runs the risk of being abusive)

    Keep it safe, sane, and effective,