Wednesday, August 3, 2011

So Close, Yet So Far!

spanking-brush-over-kneeInevitably the time would come when I would, sooner or later, screw up and do something which J really has a zero tolerance policy for. That time turned out to be this evening, so I was told to assume the position across the low chair; however, I knew that this time I wouldn't be getting off so lightly. Not after last weeks disappointing result.

What's worse is that I knew I have pre-beach warning spanking coming my way tomorrow, and I nearly made it with a non-bruised butt. Now I know that I'm facing a spanking with a very bruised ass tomorrow night, and I'm very nervous. However, I fully deserve what came my way, and I think I can say it was my first very very real punishment spanking. J was not messing about with this one!

J let me keep my underwear on, or more to the point she didn't make any demands for them to be removed, so I kept them up! Not that it did me much good mind, she has obviously been reading and paying attention to all of my recent blog entries. Sure enough that nasty, yet really pretty, paddle was in her hand waiting for my immediate compliance to assume the position before her. Within moments she let loose, for what I can honestly say, has been the most painful spanking that I've had in my life. The real worrying thing there was that I knew that my infraction was fairly bad in her eyes, but it was still small by a lot of standards. If I ever make her really mad, or fail to do any tasks that she thinks is extremely important, then I know that I’m heading for a world of real severe pain. J most definitely did not hold back, and according to her, she rained down 35 really hard punishing swats onto my ass cheeks. I lost count myself after the first five, and I very nearly, for the first time ever, started to cry from a spanking. That's something that I had never experienced before, and that in itself was very emotionally liberating for me. Had she continued for much longer I would probably have been sobbing like a little girl. It took me a few moments to get up after she had finished, and it was very evident that I already had some serious bruising. Three hours after the fact my ass is still throbbing, and I can feel really feel the bruises now. Rest assured that was a lesson I don't want to repeat in a hurry!

Of course, J being the loving compassionate wife that she is now feels sorry for my poor hiney. I think in time she will harden up, at least I hope so. I was extremely proud of her, and I have a very healthy respect for her as a strong woman and a loving disciplinarian wife. The problem was dealt with immediately, very effectively, and I would even go as far as to say with the perfect severity. There was no discussion, it was get your ass over here now and assume the position. The only possible suggestion that I could even make to improve her technique, would have been to turn me around halfway through, and repeat the same intensity and count to make sure that both cheeks were equally punished and bruised. Very proud of you honey!

The real test for J will come tomorrow night, and whether she lets her compassionate leniency kick in. Given that our time at the beach is likely going to be a testing week for us all, what with family being as it is an all, I don't think she was planning on going easy on me. Now that I'm definitely bruised up, we will have to see how that affects her. Personally, I hope she can get past that, and be the strong no-nonsense disciplinarian that I know she can be. It's entirely my fault that I now sit here very well bruised, so she shouldn't let that alter whatever it is that she has in store for me tomorrow.

J, I love you so much - thank you for caring enough about me to take me in hand tonight.

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  1. I was going to write my own post but I'm having some technical difficulties. 'em when they work ;D

    Last night I could not let the infraction slide. It is something that has happened before and words were said then but made no difference. Hopefully the sore behind I left you with will make what happened a thing of the past. Which is the whole point of the DD thing.

    Yes I'm having some difficulty getting into the groove of things but after last night I am beginning to see the direction I need to go. Giving my husband a spanking is not really something I envisioned as part of marriage. I still have problems with the idea of it putting me in a parental role. Since your parents failed to give you any consequences for your behaviour and it is now falling to me to do that job, I think it is natural for me to see it as a parenting task. If that makes any sense.

    Luckily in our day to day relationship things are not on a parent to child footing. I like that we make decisions together and work as a team.

    I am trying to brace myself for tonight's preemptive strike. Looking at your bruises made me feel bad since I know how they must hurt. I really don't want any bad behaviour at the beach and I know its going to be tough because family is always stressful. I'm going to be stressed too...I guess I should have asked the doc for some xanax yesterday LOL

    I love you Sweetie...I really want the best for us in the long run :D