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Bottom’s Up!

02354A topic that seems to come up a lot on spanking blogs, at least from what I can see, is that of position. Which position is best, or is there even a best position?

As an advance warning, this post might get to be a little on the long side!

Now, being the curious spankophile that I am, this is of course an area of interest that I’m more than happy to research – from a purely educational viewpoint as opposed to first hand of course. Although I will admit, if J wanted to experiment with positions, I would be like a cute little puppy that’s just been given a new toy. More so because such experimentation is probably better suited to an erotic spanking session, as opposed to a more formal punishment spanking, for the simple reason that a punishment spanking isn’t really the time to be trying things out.

A couple of questions come to mind where this topic is concerned:

  • What positions are commonly used for spanking?
  • Are any of those positions better suited to erotic spankings, or are they just as effective as punishment positions?
  • Are certain positions better suited to specific implements?
  • Does the position affect the severity of a spanking at all?
  • Finally, what positions do I honestly prefer, and conversely, which positions do I hate?


In terms of what positions are commonly used, these are the ones that I’ve seen the most frequently:

  • Over The Knee (OTK) – this has to be the all time classic, and has multiple variations from what I can see. Chelsea Pfeiffer, at, posted an awesome blog post about spanking positions identifying seventeen of the darn things. The post can be seen at Of which, the first six all deal with variations of OTK positions.
  • Standing and Bent Over – again, detailed in the blog post mentioned above, there is the classic bent over position. Variations of that position involve hands on knees, touching toes, hands on a desk or chair, or even just bent forward with legs spread and hands on a wall.
  • Kneeling – typically kneeling on a chair, with the bottom pushed out. I didn’t see any variations on this one.
  • Face Down – the blog post referred to above identifies three or four varieties to this position. Most common in my mind is laying face down on the bed, with a pillow positioned under the hips to raise the buttocks into the air, or face down laying across a chair. The main variations involve some form of pinning the spankee down, such as sitting astride their back, or leaning across the lower back to prevent escape. One of the more unusual positions that the blog post mentioned was the wheelbarrow, which I can’t even begin to describe, but it’s the last one detailed in that article and looked somewhat interesting. As to whether it’s even practical I couldn’t say, but it could be fun trying it out!
  • Legs Up – More commonly referred to as the diaper position; however, I’ve always thought that such a name was most unfortunate, because to me it just throws images of dirty baby diapers into my mind, and that’s not what I want to visualize. I prefer to refer to it as legs up, and it’s just that. The spankee lays on their back, and then the legs are raised up  to expose the tender flesh of the buttocks. The only real variations that I’ve seen on this position relates to either the spankee having to maintain the position on their own, or the spanker holding the legs both up and back to maintain the position. Again, a position I’m curious about, but I’m not convinced on how effective it would be.

Those are the ones that I see most commonly in use, but I’m sure that there are more out there. Another good article on positions can be found at Again, it pretty much covers all of what I identified above.

Erotic, Punishment, or Both?

OTKCouch2_TAs far as certain positions being more suitable to erotic rather than punishment spanking, I’m not really sure. Being placed face down and having somebody straddle your lower back, would certainly restrict escapist type movement. I know for me personally, being told to bend over, regardless of whether it’s to touch my toes, knees, desk or a wall just doesn’t work. Mainly because no matter how hard I try I just cannot help but break the position, which in some cases results in J mishitting. While that is completely my fault, it’s still a valid concern. Being bent over an object on the other hand does work fairly well. Last week I was bent over a fairly low chair with my legs outstretched behind me, and my hands resting on the floor. It was far easier to maintain that position, because there the instinctive urge to stand up is made that much more difficult from that position – more so if J were to place a hand on my lower back when she spanks me.

OTK and legs up, for me both feel very well suited to both styles of spanking. OTK is a style that J hasn’t tried yet, but I really hope that she does at some point. Even if that means her sitting on the bed or couch with me draped over her legs, with my weight being supported by the bed or couch. The picture used at the top of this post leaves me feeling curious – heck all pictures of a spanking nature normally leaves me feeling curious! I guess it’s a classic position for a reason. Not only does it afford the spanker the ability to hold onto the spankee’s waist to minimize wriggling, but it’s also possible to lock the legs down as well.

Legs up, from what I can see, could possibly help to protect the tailbone slightly, more so than being bent over anyway. Not sure how practical it really is though, because like the bent over position I would imagine it would be hard to keep position in terms of keeping the legs up. I suppose one could always secure the legs with some form of restraint and tie that off to something behind the spankee’s head to keep the legs there. At that point though, one has to question if you then start stepping into the world of erotic spanking, although restraints certainly can have their place in punishment spankings – it certainly gives very nice access to both male or female parts!

Kneeling I think would suffer the same problems with position keeping that are inherent with bending over, although maybe to a lesser degree. Without trying it I cannot say for sure. There again, being able to grip the back of the chair could help to keep the hands in place, but I think I would be too much temptation to keep dropping my ass onto the back of my legs. I’m not convinced that it would be an overly great erotic spanking position either.

That just leaves face down, typically on a bed from what I can see. Again, J and I haven't tried that position, but I really think it warrants some attention and is most definitely very well suited for punishment style spankings. Possibly also erotic ones with the legs spread a little more.

Implement Specific Positions

Given that we’re only dealing with the implements that I mentioned in an earlier post (paddle, cane, crop, hairbrush, and belt), then it should make answering this question relatively easy. Also, in terms of effectiveness I’ll only be dealing with punishment spankings here, because that just seems to be the most logical.

For the paddle and hairbrush, bent over the bed or chair, face down, and OTK are all good positions. The more that I think about it, the more that I think the laying face down, pillow under the hips, would be the best. It minimizes movement, adds in the factor of gravity to each swat, and should allow a great deal of accuracy.

For the crop, cane, and belt, being bent over the bed or chair, or again face down are probably the best positions for that implement. I would possibly argue again that face down may well be the best, because trying to land a stroke of the cane down from above, is far more accurate that trying to do so from the side. I also think you could probably get a little more power behind the stroke, to achieve maximum effect, bruising, and marks.

Position and Severity

Not sure on the answer to this question, but I’ve read that being bent over so that the skin stretches more taught over the buttocks results in a more painful spanking. I guess it makes sense, but can’t say for sure right now. It would also possibly explain why you would want to place a pillow under the hips when you’re face down.

Personal Preferences

This one gets a little tricky for me, because there are a number of elements that come into play where positions are concerned.

As I mentioned above, I would love to do some OTK with J, because even though it’s a punishment it would feel more loving and connected – if that makes any sense. Other than positioning problems due to various physical reasons, it would pretty much limit the implement to that of a hairbrush or paddle – not that I think that would be a big issue, because they both still really hurt and can leave the necessary marks. On a more erotic side I would love to be hand spanked by J while OTK. As a general rule J doesn’t seem to use her hand much as an implement of buttock destruction – which is a shame, but I think she doesn’t like her hand getting sore (poor baby)!

Even though we have yet to try this, I think face down is the most utilitarian of all the positions given the implements J uses. I really think that it would allow for a more forceful, and more importantly. more accurate spanking with all of the implements – especially the belt and the cane. I would much rather be face down on the bed with a pillow or two underneath me, than bent over any day – even if it did result in a more severe and brutal spanking.

On a final note, connected to positions is also one of clothing. Should spankings be given on a bare ass, or doesn’t it really matter. Again, I’ve read countless posts on this subject over the years, and almost all have agreed that spanking over clothing – when done properly – offers very little to no protection. More so when you’re talking at the underwear level. Being spanked over thick denim jeans could possibly dull the intended sting, but it would probably still be felt. My personal view, as much as I hate to say this to J, is that they should always be given on a bare backside, because then she can see the marks and bruising to judge the effectiveness of the spanking for herself while it’s being delivered.

So there it is, my current take on positions. What J does or doesn’t do with any of that information is entirely up to her, but I hope some of it will be useful and serve a practical purpose for her. I’m sure I will find out in the near future,  one way or the other!

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