Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Wasted Weekend–Incoming!

maintenancespankingLabor day weekend was pretty much a blah kind of affair, and for the most part I wasted and frittered it all away playing a stupid video game (Fallout New Vegas, for anybody that is remotely interested). It’s been a while since I was consumed by a game like that, and playing over twelve hours in a day is, to say the least, excessive even by my standards. Unfortunately, while it irritated J to no end, which I wasn’t apparently clued into or aware of, she remained quiet and said nothing all weekend.

To some extent that was part of the problem, because it felt as though J had withdrawn from her Steel Magnolia persona and was letting stuff slide. That seemed to have a knock on effect for me, because I then withdrew into the video game. In short, it was a massive breakdown in communication, which has been rectified this morning.

Much to my surprise, J came walking into the room carrying all of her implement. She made it clear that she wasn’t happy with how the weekend went, and decided that a maintenance spanking was long overdue – so my butt was subjected to a mild roasting. Afterwards I asked her if she wanted me to put the implements away, but she just told me to sit down because she hasn’t yet decided if she is done. So, even as I write this, the implements are sitting next to me, and there is a tiny knot in the pit of my stomach. To date, she’s never administered more than one round of punishment, but her tone was such that it could be a possibility. It wouldn’t surprise me given that she let my confession slide from a week or two, because she felt morally conflicted, but we’ll see.

I still find it strange how a spanking can re-center my world, and it feels like J is able to flick an emotional reset switch on me by administering a spanking. It’s also answered the question on how J feels about maintenance spanking, given she just administered one. I can safely say that I still don’t like the punishment spankings, and I think J has yet to really let me have it – even so, what she dishes out does hurt a lot, but by a lot of other accounts that I read about on other blogs I think I get off quite lightly. Although it doesn’t necessarily feel that way when they are being administered.

Even though my tush is a little sore, I’m glad my Steel Magnolia is back behind the driving seat!

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  1. Hi
    It sounds as though you are on a roll. It is always good when one's partner takes the lead and maintenance spankings can bring relief and satisfaction to both parties. For the submissive they can clear the head and make one more attentive. I hope that you had a good seeing too when J gave you that second treatment.
    Michael M