Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Skating on Thin Ice

thiniceAnother week passes by, and for the curious among y’all, yes J did give me a second spanking last week about an hour or two after the first. I wouldn’t say that it was really severe, but it was certainly enough to get my attention. That was the first time that she had administered more than one spanking on the same day, and she definitely made sure that she felt that her point was heard loud and clear. Can’t say that I really want to experience that again any time soon, can’t think why!

This weekend we were out of town, because J is actually preparing for major surgery next week. Even though I think she would have been very justified in giving my butt a royal roasting after this weekend, I think we’re both pretty preoccupied emotionally and mentally with the upcoming surgery. While we’re both comfortable with the surgeon and the procedure, there is still that element of risk that’s inherent with any surgical procedure. We’re trying not to focus on that, but it lurks at the back on ones mind.

Anyway, I will admit that on a few occasions I caught myself pushing the boundaries of acceptable behavior, and at one point for the first time she actually turned around and told me to stop bratting. The tone and the look was enough to tell me that I was treading very dangerous ground, and it certainly pulled me back in line. She did catch my wandering eye one or two occasions, and for that she would have been very justified in administering a fairly severe spanking; however, that hasn’t happened, and I think the leniency is connected more with the surgery coming up than anything else.

She did allow me a sexual release this morning, and also took me over her knee for a more sensual spanking with the hairbrush. Granted by the end she was giving my butt a pretty good walloping, especially around the sit spot, but it was definitely a far cry from a punishment.

Personally, I just want next week to be over with, and even if it takes J a couple of weeks to recover, at least the surgery will be over with. Pretty sure that she won’t be spanking me much for the next couple of weeks, so I will have to put up more posts related to topics of interest surrounding FLR, and DD in general.

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