Sunday, September 18, 2011

She’s Still On Top Of Me!

Well it turns out that J had a maintenance spanking planned for Friday anyways, and after reading my earlier post her assertive attitude made an appearance. Just when I start to think that she’s slipping she seems to bring me back in line, so I guess I just need to have more faith in her. Not only did she tell me to present myself in the bedroom, but she also had me fetch and arrange her implements, strip naked, and then remain in position until she was ready to commence the punishment. That's the first time that she had really had me do any of those things, and the waiting in position felt like an eternity, which certainly prolonged the agony of knowing that the spanking was coming - especially when all implements had been laid out, and I knew that she had caught me letching at other women last weekend.

Inspired somewhat from my mermaid post, not to mention being irritated at me for looking at other women, and wanting to leave a lasting impression to tide me over for the next few weeks, she made sure that my butt was extremely well spanked. Even as I write this two days later, I can still feel a deeper bruising than I have before. I'm definitely a little sore, which comes as no surprise as she didn't hold back at all. That spanking was probably the most severe spanking to date, and while it certainly could have been worse, I know I'll still be feeling the after effects for a couple more days. I certainly had over one hundred strokes, just not with one implement, but a combination of the riding crop, yardstick, paddle, cane, and hairbrush. I dread the day when she elects to give me one hundred with each one!

On a side note, we think we might have pinpointed why her caning technique doesn't carry as much impact as it probably should. J has been using a pure wrist action to deliver the stroke, as opposed to pulling the arm back some, then bringing it forward with additional wrist action. She has yet to try the new delivery method, but I'm sure it won't be too long before my butt has some deeper cutting lines!

It still amazes me how such a severe spanking, which was very painful, can leave me feeling so emotionally connected to J afterwards. In the past I had always thought it rather strange that some people want to sincerely thank the spanker after a good thrashing, and while I still don't fully understand it, I can relate, because I feel that way when J has taken me in hand. I still don't want to be spanked if I can help it, but when she does it always seems to leave me in a far better place emotionally. It’s like all has been put right in my world, and while I’m sore and bruised I’m a lot happier for it.

Heading out of town tomorrow, and with J's surgery scheduled for Tuesday, not sure when my next post will occur. I might try and post odds and ends to take my mind off of things, but can't promise anything. Hopefully, I'll be back home next week, and J will be on her way to recovering so that she can keep me in line. As strange as it seems, I’ll miss her spanking me while she recovers.


  1. Hi
    The maintenance spanking sounds to have been a good one. It is surprising how one can get used to sessions of a hundred strokes or more. Look forward to your next post.
    Michael M

  2. LIH - I loved the way that J had you lay out and present yourself naked for your spanking, making you wait in that position for until she was ready.

    It's funny how in FLR's and even spanking relationships, can both bring the couple so much closer together.

    While I am interested to hear of your increasingly strict and severe spanking punishments, are you finding that as J gets more comfortable imposing them on you, that she is becoming more expectant and dominant with you in more everyday life situations?

  3. Thak you for your post....sounds like a nice "step forward" session! I've never been made to WAIT for it... sounds like it must be delicous and scary (or boring!), oh my!
    Sounds like you really got a work-over.

    Just catching your blog... anyway, best wishes on J's surgery next week!!

  4. i have come to realize that the more severe the spanking the more i love my wife.more deeper love. specially about an hour after the spanking ends and the tears have stopped the love that the heart wants to give it out is so strong that i feel i would easily die for her. i swear man we are really lucky people. i dont understand how i managed to stay away from this for such a long time.