Sunday, July 31, 2011

Red Light, or Green Light?


Wasn't really planning on writing an entry today, because nothing has really happened since last night - well nothing of any real significance anyway; however, J did ask me to bend over so she could inspect her handywork from last night, and then made an interesting comment. I can't remember the exact wording, but it went along the lines of: I guess I shouldn't judge the severity of the spanking based on your reaction / cries of pain. Based on what I could see I saw some superficial bruising, but I wouldn't call it major, and to be honest I felt last weeks maintenance caning a lot more in the days following in comparrison.

This raises an interesting point about judging the severity, and judging the length of the spanking. An area that I think J is trying to get to grips with at the moment. Now, given that we're talking about DD punishment spankings here, and not the more pleasant erotic ones, the whole idea surrounding the spanking is to make sure that it entices the receiver to correct some form of unwanted behavior / bad habit; therefore, at least in my opinion, you want a spanking thats severe enough to reinforce that correction for at least a couple of days after. In my case, and this may not be the same for others, but there probably needs to be some bruising, and/or a spanking of sufficient duration to act as a sufficient deterrent - one that I would not want repeated anytime soon. Granted a longer duration spanking and bruises are most likely to go together hand in hand, but as we saw from the caning last week long duration isn't always a requirement. To some extent the logical conclusion here is that the implement determines the level of bruising, but I'm not convinced that that's necessarily true. I'm sure if J had increased the force of delivery with that paddle my butt would probably be black and blue, so in part I think it also comes down to technique and the method of delivery. On saying that, to some extent you also have to take into account accuracy verses force, because the harder and faster the swats are delivered the less accurate they could be. So maybe there's a happy balance, or just an issue of practice at play here. To that end, maybe such spankings warrant the use of multiple instruments of fiery butt destruction to get the desired effect, because each brings different qualities to the table.

All of what I just said above is probably the case for behavior and motivational spankings, but I'm not really sure when it comes to a warning/maintenance spanking. Yes, the maintenance spanking needs to be of sufficient severity to deter non-compliance, but if it were the same severity as the behavior / motivational spankings could their effectiveness be diminished? Not sure I know the answer to that one myself at the moment, and it's one that I will give some more thought to.

In terms of spanking duration, then I think the last thing J needs to be gauging that on is my cries of pain / complaint. What I love so much about J is that she's one of the most caring and compassionate people that I've ever know, but to some degree that is causing her to possibly be a little too lenient. Her natural ability to empathize with me is, by the seems of things, causing her to misjudge when the spanking is sufficient in severity. Again, I think this is just a case of inexperience, and will rectify itself pretty quickly. To that end, I think it will just come down to J taking note of what implements leave what marks, how hard she needs to apply them, and what overall end results they generate.

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