Saturday, July 30, 2011

Got Off Lightly This Time!

BadBoyWell, as expected J decided that a small motivation spanking was in order, and I think I actually got off quite lightly under the circumstances - more so because I had anticipated it being more severe, not that I'm going to complain, especially with a maintenance spanking coming up on Thursday.

To J's credit,  her positioning of me, and her paddle technique is definitely improving; however, had I been in her shoes, given the amount of time wasted this week, the choice of not doing the yard work, as well as the confessed behavior issues this week, then I would have made sure that my bare butt got roasted with not only the paddle, but also the cane; furthermore, I would have left no doubt that my butt would be well and truly bruised tomorrow.

I'm still proud of her though, she took up the initiative to spank me when she could have just fobbed it off and gone to bed, because I know she's tired. It's hard to tell, but I think she's beginning to see the benefits of this DD relationship structure outweighing the disadvantages. At least I hope that's the case, and I realize that it's early days. She's doing a grand job of sliding into her role as my disciplinarian, and I'm sure she's feeling me out on this new road that we've begun to head down.

I did have thoughts about burning that paddle though, that thing is plain out mean. I think I can honestly say that I think I prefer the cane over the paddle, in fact I think I would prefer anything over that paddle - the irony being that I made it, so that stupid ass mistake came back to bite me in the ass! I know that we used to have a strap, but I don't have any real recollection of that experience. I did test out J's wooden hairbrush with an experimental whack on my ass, and I have a horrible suspicion that it could very well be worse than the paddle, because the head of the brush is a bit smaller, and would probably result in faster and more accurate swats that are more concentrated on impact. I've never been spanked with a belt, but from what I can gather that's also meant to be fairly intense, and for some stupid reason I seem to remain curious about that one.

I will admit that part of me wants to increase J's toy box, because I actually enjoy making implements of butt destruction, and I seem to have a knack for creating very nice paddles. I've always loved to sexiness of floggers, but I've never really done any crafting along that line - especially where leather is concerned, but that is definitely an implement that I would really like to try making at some point.

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