Wednesday, July 27, 2011

For The Greater Good

GreaterGoodThis morning really convinced me that I need the weekly motivational spankings continually hanging over my head, which threaten to rain down fiery destruction onto my cute butt if I slip back into my lazy ways. What convinced me? Well, for the first time in long while I actually exercised, and quite honestly I didn't really enjoy it - probably more so because I'm just so out of shape. It was after exercising that I knew if the motivational spankings weren't hanging over me, I would most likely find some excuse not to continue. The same is probably going to be true, in fact there's no probably about it, when I settle into eating a more balanced and calorie controlled diet.

Given that we didn't put my motivational task list in place until late Tuesday night, my thought process immediately began trying to concoct excuses to wheedle myself out of tasks or reduce certain requirements, because I had already lost two or three days from that week. So instead of exercising at least three times a week, I bargained that down to two. Same with my writing, I wanted a word count reduction to take into account that I had already lost a day; furthermore, I didn't have enough time yesterday to make my word count, because it took so long to generate my new meal/diet plan, and do all of my other activities. Sounds reasonable, so what's the problem? The problem is twofold, first, it sets a precedent right at the start that I can bargain and excuse my way out of things when obstacles stand in my way. Second, and I'm a little wary of saying this, but I know how to manipulate J into doing things that suit me the best; furthermore, because J is also such a caring and compassionate person I know that it's in her nature to be more lenient than she probably should be in a lot of cases. Depending on ones viewpoint, such leniency could be viewed as a good thing, but as much as I hate to say it I would probably benefit more from some tough love.

In short, I really have no excuse for not completing any of the tasks this week, or any other week. If I delude myself, or make an excuse for not getting something done that's on her list, then I really do deserve what's coming to me - especially when I have the amount of freedom that I do with my time, it boils down to not wasting time, and proper time management. This week should be no exception, and if it results in a spanking then it's my own fault, and nobody is to blame but myself. The fact that I'm behind on my word count is my own doing, after all, I seem to find the time to write this blog!

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