Saturday, July 23, 2011

Blah Blah, Ouch!

The Obligatory Introduction

The “Blah Blah” part of the title above refers to this introductory part. I’m not expecting anybody to really read this other than possibly my wife – who I’ll just refer to as J – but you never know, stranger things have happened I guess. So, if you’re a stranger peeking into my world, as boring as it is, then at least you may get some initial context, and understand what I’m trying to achieve by writing this blog, and what type of content it will most likely contain.

Why Am I Blogging?

This blog is really being written for my own benefit, and to a lesser extent J’s – so she can see what’s going on in my chaotic mind. I’ve been meaning to start some form of journal for a long time, but like most things in my life I procrastinate, and things get placed on the backburner indefinitely (or as I say to J, “it’s on the list!”). So here it is! Yay for giving procrastination a quick sharp smack on the rump!

To some degree I find it a lot easier to communicate, even with J, through the use of the written word – especially when it comes to things that are on my mind, what’s currently bugging me, or topics of a more personal and sexually orientated nature. Even though I’m really comfortable talking face to face with J about things (we’ve been married for eons), I just find that the written word is a lot more powerful, because you have the time to compose what you want to say.

Yeah Yeah, So What Am I Blogging About?

As I mentioned above, this will really be a forum for me to be able to express my thoughts “out loud” – and to some extent record my journey.

Granted, being a man, ninety percent of my thoughts originate from the smaller brain located in my pants; consequently, a majority of the post will most likely be sexually orientated in nature – yeah I know J, shocker, bet you didn’t see that one coming!

The “Ouch” part of the title above is connected to a recent development is our marriage, where J is starting to embrace the role of my disciplinarian (more on that in the post tomorrow)! So, this blog will also record my thoughts and experiences within that exciting realm as well. So, that’s about it for the obligatory introductory bullshit! I guess the key question that remains is this: how long can I keep this blog going, and will it just fizzle into nothing?

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