Monday, July 25, 2011

The Proof Is In The Pudding

BenchSpankingEven I will admit that spanking isn't right for everbody, in reference to one given at a punishment and disciplinary level, and the effect that it has on me and my behaviour is probably unique only to me - especially when we start looking at the effects at a mental and emotional level; however, it begs the question: does it really work? Again, it's such a simple question, and one that really has to be answered for ones self. Based on my initial taste of a caning/cropping given as a pre-emptive warning on Friday night, I think I can say in all honesty that it works for me - and a little more than I had originally expected it to. Not only does it provide a difinitive and very real painful consequence for my obnoxious behavior, but if done right the bruises seem to serve as a reinforcing reminder on the days that follow. This I can vouch for, because as I sit here writing this I can still feel some of the bruises when the cane was forcefully, and lovingly applied to my derriere. Suffice to say, I've found myself actually thinking before acting this weekend, because the last thing that I want (especially now J has seen that video I embedded earlier) is to be spanked on an already bruised butt! Even I'm smart enough to know that a paddling or caning on an already bruised ass would make a painful experience even worse, and quite honestly I want no part of that!

Has this made me a better husband? For this weekend it certainly has, and I think J's weekend has been a lot more pleasant because of it; furthermore, I don't plan on embarrasing her in public any time soon either. So in my book, it did exactly what it was intended to do, with additional perks and benefits attached for J in terms of me being on my best behaviour. Does it mean that I won't slip up at some point in the future, and do something that will embarrass her in public? I would highly doubt it, but you can bet you last dollar that if I'm ever stupid enough to do that, then my ass will incur enough wrath to ensure that I don't do it again for a very long time.

TimeWhich I think brings up another interesting and important question: Is there any merit in ‘maintenance’ spankings? Personally, as much as I hate to say this, based on the effects of the preemptive caning that was dished out last week, and the effect that it had upon me all weekend then there does seem to be some merit to such an act of discipline, both mentally and physically. Do I want to receive regular maintenance spankings? Absolutely not, but if I’m brutally honest with myself, then I can see the benefits that they potentially bring – such as keeping me in line, and acting as a constant reinforcing reminder that punishment spankings suck (no kidding Sherlock), but it’s amazing how fast we forget.

The question which naturally follows on from that, and one that I really don’t want to answer, is: If maintenance spankings are warranted, then how frequently should they be applied? Obviously, as the word maintenance implies, it should be one that’s applied at regular intervals. When you maintain your car (in theory) one does so at regular intervals. It’s at this point that I find that I once more have the Angel and the Devil sitting upon my shoulders offering me words of wisdom. On one hand the voice is saying that it should be pretty regular, because odds are all of the borderline behavior that I got away with deserves some kind of recourse, that and I’m prone to acting out just to push J’s buttons – a behavior that needs to change. The other voice is saying, yeah that’s great, you shouldn’t be able to get away with borderline behavior, and you probably need something to prevent you from acting out, but what if you screwed up and had an bruised butt from a punishment spanking already – then the maintenance spanking would royally suck, and you don’t want any part of that, so it’s probably safer to offer up a longer period between them; hey, how about every six months!

As much as I like the second voice, the reality is that they probably need to be more frequent; however, the question remains how frequent? According to various medical sources, it appears that a bruise normally takes about two weeks to fade away – whether that’s the case for everybody, or whether it varies from person to person, I have no idea. It stands to reason that given the current bruise on my butt is pretty much keeping me in line, that a maintenance spanking should be dished out at least every two weeks. Having said all of that, this isn’t a choice that I should be making, because it’s really up to J to decide on what she feels is best – both for her, as well as for me. So I guess I will have to defer this over to J, and if she decides it needs to be weekly at first while boundaries and expectations are firmly established, then so be it. Same goes for the severity, both are things that should be completely out of my control, and decisions of J’s that I need to respect and comply with.

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