Friday, May 10, 2013

Circle of Life

Well, November 5th 2011 was my last discipline related entry and experience, and while that’s a year and a half ago it certainly doesn’t feel like it – it’s actually kind of scary how fast time gets away from you the older you get.

Anyway, J (my wife) has decided to bring DD back into our marriage (obviously with my consent). We both agreed that we were closer, more intimate, and happier when DD was a part of our marriage, and the last year and a half without it has most definitely highlighted that. So here we are again, we’ve come full circle, although this time more aware of what we’re getting ourselves into!

Suffice to say, J kicked it off on Wednesday morning by reintroducing me to the wooden paddles that have been gathering dust, and delivered a short but very effective reminder of what I have been lacking over the last year and a half, and more importantly what is to come if I get out of line. She got her point across, and make no mistake about it, it was heard loud and clear on my end. There was no warm up, each swat that landed was hard and painful, and while the paddling was short and to the point, it was nonetheless very effective and well executed – it was very clear that she meant business and wanted to drive home a solid reminder. So here I sit two days later still bruised, granted not as sore as I was yesterday, yet emotionally happier than I have been in a long time.

I’ve actually missed blogging, especially on this topic, so I’m really hoping to bring this blog back to life. That’s my intention at least!

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