Saturday, November 5, 2011

It Burns! Run Forest, Run!


There are occasions where, for a variety of reasons, a spanking cannot be delivered. As such, we’ve been on the lookout for ‘silent’ remedies that can be applied, especially when louder and more conventional means are not a viable option.

Two such options that came up from research included capsaicin cream and ginger roots, which I’m sure comes as no surprise to the majority of readers. The capsaicin cream, which can be applied to either the buttocks, and/or for the more insane among us the nipples, can also be applied very quickly and efficiently. The application of the ginger root however, while certainly a quieter option than a traditional spanking, does appear to require a little more preparation time, and may also require a greater period of time be set aside in order to apply the treatment.

I’ve yet to be submitted to the ginger root, luckily the grocery store didn’t have any that J deemed suitable for her purposes; however, she did find, and purchased, the capsaicin cream that is pictured above. If your wife or partner start looking at this stuff, run, run as fast as humanly possible and don’t stop, don’t look back, just keep running – trust me!

As fate would have it, J didn’t have to wait long in order to request my presence in the bathroom. She applied a liberal dose of the cream, and was done in all of twenty or so seconds. To add insult to injury she also wore latex gloves, so I couldn’t even have the satisfaction of knowing that her hands and fingers were burning. My initial reaction was something like, well dang, this isn’t so bad; however, within two to three minutes it really ramped up, and OMG it burned, and it burned real bad. A few minutes in J started to feel a little bad for me, and told me that I could go remove it if I wanted. I practically ran to the bathroom. Newsflash, don’t bother trying, once it’s on it’s there to stay, and you have no choice but to let it run it’s course. Truth be told, I would rather have endured an very severe real spanking, because that stuff is plain nasty. If you sit down, it warms your butt, and increases the heat from the cream.

I’m beginning to really worry about her finding a suitable ginger root now, because that’s an internal burning sensation, and from all accounts is meant to be pretty intense. J did wonder if she could get a horseradish root, and use that instead, which I think is meant to be even worse. I don’t know how it happened, but I’ve unlocked J’s inner sadist.

She has also decided that she thinks that maintenance spankings will also be a very good idea, and as such has decided to use Monday mornings for that ritual event. For now, she also wants them to be a weekly occurrence, with additional sets being dished out on top of the maintenance to deal with issues that are outstanding, issues that require motivation, or issues where she thinks a suitable reminder is required.

Things are most definitely back on track, and she is adamant that she doesn’t want another repeat of October!


  1. That made me smile. Cathy uses muscle heat cream - but in her case, she puts it between the cheeks!

  2. ZOMG Scally are you trying to kill me, don't give her anymore ideas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Yes, I may have gone overboard with the exclamation marks there, but I think you earned them!